jeudi 11 septembre 2014


A little fanart of Sat's character, Seivern. I'm not used to draw anthro, but it was quite fun ! <3 The dildo is almost invisible here, I wonder how long it is. O.O

Btw, check his tumblr (he drew Oyaji-chan ! O.O ) :

Yentis enjoying himself

A little giftart for a good friend of mine ! Yentis is his character and the lover of my character Gigan ! It's been a long time since my last drawing of him !

Yentis (c) Waghran/Bahamut77

lundi 8 septembre 2014

Fire Emblem fanart + stuff

Okay, I'm in a Fire Emblem mood right now ! x3 Here are some fanarts ! First the pic I've already posted the WIP on this blog :

 From left to right : Harken - Kent - Bartre - Geitz - Dorcas - Marcus - Oswin - Dart

Second, I drew 3 pics in a row today ! O.O But that some quickly done stuff ! I made them on Livestream, a friend and I chose some names, some sexual positions, we roll some dices and I had 30 minutes to draw the results ! o/ So excuse the quality, which is not perfect ! D:

First : Oswin having some fun with Marcus' hot butt ! o/

Second : Oswin does not seem happy to have to male juice on his face ! o/

 ...and finally, something not FE-related : Gardolf (Waghran (from THEMA)'s character) dealing with Arcade's excessive amount of cum ! Maybe that was a gift from that fairy over there...


vendredi 5 septembre 2014

Fire Emblem Fanart - WIP

Currently playing FE Blazing Sword ("Rekka no Ken") and the cast is great ! ...even if some villains are hot and now dead. >< is a WIP of an upcoming fanart ! Do you recognize the characters ? ;)

jeudi 7 août 2014

Scarf me like a Demon King !

Okay, I'm ridicously hyped for Hyrule Warriors. Let's enjoy some Link x Ganondorf ! <3

vendredi 25 juillet 2014


A little fanart of Oyaji from the 3DS game "Weapon Shop de Omasse" !

Damn, that game was great (but the ending sucked...) and the chara-designs were funny (and hot, in the case of Oyaji...) ! Too bad that game was released on the 3DS eShop only, it's not very popular... D: Oyaji is a great character, so I'm quite sad there isn't much smut of him around the net... ;__;

Check out the great version of this character by Sat btw :

dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Ass of the Tiger

A little fanart I made half for a friend / half for myself, as a great Kotetsu fanboy. That guy is so cute ! <3 But he's so hard to draw (I'm not used to draw skinny dudes any longer... >< ) !! D:

J'espère que c'est la pose que tu avais en tête gars (tu te reconnaitras...) ! :D Si pas, t'inquiète, c'est pas le dernier fanart que je dessine...

jeudi 24 avril 2014

Basch & Vossler 2014

 Wanted something quick to draw, so I redraw a pic I made in 2009 ! ;) Which one do you prefer ?

Basch - Vossler (c) Final Fantasy XII - SquareEnix


Internet needs more Barnham smut ! D:
Layton vs Ace Attorney is a great game ! Play it people !!

Characters (c) Capcom / Level5

mercredi 16 avril 2014

HERMEN#2's new cover

...aaand here is the cover of HERMEN#2.
Not much change here. I still liked the pose, so I just modified the colorwork a little bit and added a background.