dimanche 14 février 2010

Blue hair

A comic I failed to submit on y!G ! xD Their extras category is too complicated for me... :|

There, you will finally know why Baal has his hair blue ! x3

5 commentaires:

  1. lol the photoshop colors xD! Baal face xD!!!

    I gues thats the problem of having weird colores hairs o_o but i am surprised with Baals mother, shes soo stylish and cool xD i love those eyes!

  2. Great comic hehe great story, alhough that guy was looking at his pubes hair rather than his head hair LOL

  3. Demona ~ Thanks a lot ! x3 I tried my best ! <3

    Dev' ~ Everybody seems to love HanaBelle, that's great ! xD And on y!G, that's what we call an Epic Win ! xD

    Elf ~ Head hair can easily be dyed. x3

  4. muahaha, now I wonder why my hair is dark brown...hmmm....