mercredi 14 avril 2010

Ryuji Hinoi

A character from my comic HERMEN ! :) Ryuji was the first HERMEN actor. It's a calm and clever guy who is specialized in hard stuff, like bondage, gang-bang or fisting. You can see him smiling only when he's fucked, it's a real cum whore.
Lou had a crush on him and it changed into a real respect and friendship.

9 commentaires:

  1. Wow! The ropes!!!!!
    Nice, another porn actor!!!!

    Where have you been D:?

  2. I'm currently drawing my comic for the dokkun fanzine ! I just have to add the screentones and I'll be back on y!G ! <3 I can't wait ! :D

  3. i wish i could read this hermen comic but i cant speak french and worse i dont even know where to find it

  4. tiens, histoire de changer ici, c'est sur ton blog que je commenterai, et non sur Y! gallery.
    j'aime relativement plutôt bien ce dessin, et je trouve que cette tentative de line directe à la tablette est plutôt réussie, parcequ'elle ne fait justement pas trop "tracé à l'ordi". bon, c'est certainement encore largement perfectible, mais ça passe quand même bien. et puis le sujet du dessin ne gâche rien non plus!

  5. Eeeks ~ Merci bien ! C'est bien la première fois que j'arrive à donner cet effet dans le line, c'est sur que je dois encore m'améliorer... x3

    NeverAskWhy ~ Dokkun will be published in english ! :D More informations coming soon ! <3

  6. IT'S SO HAWTS!!! <3

    How's my Fav Artist Doing? it's been a while XD~


  7. I'm fiiiine... I miss y!G and all the great artists all around... D: I have to finish my comic for the DOKKUN fanzine ! I'll be soon able to do a come back on y!G ! X3

    And you mate, how are you ? :D I L.O.V.E. your previous pic, I saved it on my notebook ! XD

  8. you know when you are I are free, we gonna do a trade again <3<3<3

    I'm practice my coloring right now so that i can be worth something for your trade~~ XD

  9. When I'll be able to draw bodies like you, I will be okay for a trade then ! x3