jeudi 6 mai 2010


Here is my art trade with WTJohn from y!G ! :)
He asked me for a fanart of his original character, Brandom, who is... a random character... x3

That dear Brandom doesn't have any particularities. As WTJohn said, he's just a random guy. So I did a random drawing :

...which was too random for me. xD I had some difficulties about drawing a sex pic of a very random character ! xD So I tried to give him a hobby. And so he has :

...Climbing ! :D Climbing is fun ! <3 Here is the final pic ! Brandom has very strong arms and legs ! XD I don't know how he put that condom on that dick-like stone, but he DID IT !! 8D

3 commentaires:

  1. mais comment il fait pour tenir à l'envers? Le dessin est sympa, mais pour être tout fait franc, j'aime mieux l'esquisse...

  2. I am really fascinated by the second sketch D:

  3. im glad to hear you had fun with Brandom
    i'll think of a story for him ^_^