mardi 24 août 2010

THX for 600.000 hits !

Here is my pic to thx for my kiriban at y!G ! :) 600.000 hits = 6 guys ! Tomiah, my new guy is the newcomer ! ;)
That pic was weirdly easy to draw... :| You can't see Herz face anyway... x3

Thx again to you guys ! <3

3 commentaires:

  1. Im so sry >.< I juz found this awesome blog and hope u can introduce those guys in the pic for me :P sry, broken english :X

  2. Branchlaw ~> Thank you mate ! <3

    Anon ~> Don't worry, poor english here too ! x3
    These guys are my characters. I copy/paste their descrptions from y!G ! ;)

    BLUE HAIR GUY ~> Baal ~ Baal is Tristam's best friend & Nathaël's lover. It's a stupid but kind guy who can't live without sex.

    PURPLE HAIR GUY ~> NATHAËL ~ Nathaël is Baal's boyfriend and guardian angel. It's a sadistic seme, but he deeply loves Baal, even if he'll never admit it...

    BLOND GUY ~> TATSUHA ~ Tatsuha is teacher of french & philosophy at Baal's school. He loves silence, discipline and fire guns.

    BLACK HAIR GUY ~> TRISTAM ~ Tristam is Baal's best friend. He loves alcohol and, even if he's straight, he loves sex with guys but only when he's drunk (but he won't remember a thing next day...)

    FUCKED DUDE ~ TOMIAH ~ It's a scum stereotype. He wants to be HERMEN PORN STUDIO's first actor. He always speak about having the best dick ever but is always the one being fucked.

    HIDDEN TOP GUY ~> HERZ ~ Herz is a good friend of Tatsuha. It's a psycho.