lundi 8 septembre 2014

Fire Emblem fanart + stuff

Okay, I'm in a Fire Emblem mood right now ! x3 Here are some fanarts ! First the pic I've already posted the WIP on this blog :

 From left to right : Harken - Kent - Bartre - Geitz - Dorcas - Marcus - Oswin - Dart

Second, I drew 3 pics in a row today ! O.O But that some quickly done stuff ! I made them on Livestream, a friend and I chose some names, some sexual positions, we roll some dices and I had 30 minutes to draw the results ! o/ So excuse the quality, which is not perfect ! D:

First : Oswin having some fun with Marcus' hot butt ! o/

Second : Oswin does not seem happy to have to male juice on his face ! o/

 ...and finally, something not FE-related : Gardolf (Waghran (from THEMA)'s character) dealing with Arcade's excessive amount of cum ! Maybe that was a gift from that fairy over there...


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