samedi 10 janvier 2015

Time to party !

A giftart for Waghran's birthday. His character, Elkan, along with some gentlemen.

Bahamut described Elkan as a man in his fifties, who enjoys sex A LOT. The type of guy happy when he's surrounded by dicks... So... I drew him surrounded by dicks ! o/

Small advert, this drawing was part of the "Dessin du Jeudi" ("drawing of thursday"). One of my good resolutions of 2015 is to draw an illustration per week, each thursday and a quick sketch each thuesday. Thoses sketches, along with some WIPs and pages of my upcoming comics will be posted on my tumblr only. As I said in my journal, I want my y!G filled with completed illustrations only.

Here is my tumblr address :

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